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french door refrigerator There is a BIG sea of different refrigerators. Sometimes the freedom to pick from many can be frustrating. Therefore, the best thing for you is to read refrigerator reviews and save time. While you gain experience from others who have already purchased the product you are interested in. This can save you both money and time.

A couple of question’s you can ask yourself, before buying a refrigerator can be helpful. Example questions:

How big of a refrigerator do I need?
How long will I have the same size need? (refrigerators hold up to 5-12 yrs)
How much can I invest in the best french door refrigerator?
Do I have any experience with any brand that I like?
Do I need extra features like, ice maker, customized shelves?
Do I care about the environment and require a “Energy efficiency star”?
And lastly, where can I find the best refrigerators 2011 and best refrigerators 2012


If you have the answer for some of these question’s and feel comfortable, then the time is right for you to buy a refrigerator.

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Best french door refrigerators right now

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Samsung rfg297aars

Samsung RFG297AARS reviewSamsung RFG297AARS is one of the best selling french door refrigerators in the market right now. Its size and flexibility is liked by many happy costumers. It comes withpantry drawer, door alarm, ice maker and much more. it has also a power freeze mode where you can instantly freeze or cool down an item for a short amount of time. It has an energy efficient star, and an external ice-maker which makes place for even more food.


Samsung rf4287hars

Samsung RF4287HARS is Samsung’s top of the line fridge. It comes with a temperature control drawer, with thisSamsung RFG297AARS best price you can put any grocery in it and choose your required temperature. The cabinets are good for you that have a lot of groceries and want a good order, you can also look over and see everything when open. The shelves on this fridge are very good rated, and can hold big milk jugs and sodas, a plus for those who drink a lot of beverages. This is a quit fridge with an energy effecient star, good for the planet and your wallet.

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